Awesome Gaimg Experience on Full Screen UHANS i8

Introduce:    As a full screen smartphone, UHANS i8 is outstanding no matter for its design or built-in configuration. But there is more, UHANS i8 also performs perfect in playing heavy graphic games.Playing games on UHANS i8, you will not only enjoy the extensive images but also appreciate the smooth operation.


Gaming performance on the Rugged smartphone UHANS K5000?

Introduce:    can you imagine the gaming performance on the Rugged smartphone UHANS K5000? The fact is it will shock you with its perfect hands-on gaming experience. In the video we have played 2 popular games, check the video and see what you will get.


uhans k5000 battery test

UHANS K5000: How long will the 5000mAh battery last?


UHANS K5000 Walkie Talkie

UHANS K5000 waterproof test

UHANS K5000 water-proof test

UHANS i8, Full screen smartphone, Face ID, In-cell technology

Four Benefits of UHANS i8 with In-cell Technology

UHANS Smartphones Multi-touch Function

10-finger Multi-touch Function on UHANS Smartphones

UHANS i8, Face ID, Face recognition

UHANS i8 Face Recognition Hands-on Experience

Uhans Max 2

Be the king of game with 6.44" Uhans Max 2

uhans i8 face id, uhans i8, full screen smartphone

UHANS i8 Face ID Unlock

uhans i8

18:9 UHANS i8 Camera and Fingerprint Sensor Performance Review

uhans i8

18:9 Full Screen UHANS i8 Display Effect-Movie watching

UHANS MX, Fingerprint sensor, Bezel-less smartphone, UHANS

UHANS MX Fingerprint Sensor Functions

uhans i8

18:9 UHANS i8 Unboxing

uhans mx, bezel-less smartphone, full screen smartphone, budget-friendly smartphone

4 Bezel-less UHANS MX Give You A Free Cinema

Max2,Max 2

SLR Features on Uhans Max 2

Max2,Max 2

UHANS Max 2 Immersive gaming experience on a 6.44

Note4,Note 4

UHANS Note 4 Teardown

Max2,Max 2

6.44“ Uhans Max 2 VS 5.5

Note4,Note 4

Xiaomi Killer UHANS Note4 Unboxing

Note4,Note 4

UHANS Note 4 Drop and Twist Test

Note4,Note 4

Android 7.0 features on UHANS Note 4

Note4,Note 4

Guess what we are doing on the #UHANS #Note 4


18:9 Aspect Ratio UHANS i8 First Look Video

Max2,Max 2

Max out your view with this 6.44-inch FHD UHANS Max 2

El teléfono más BARATO al momento ( O_O)!!


Amazing 3D Gaming Experience-UHANS A6


UHANS A6 Battery Disassembling

How to tell a full-laminated screen from the non-full-laminated one?


UHANS A6 Vs Samsung Vs Redmi in display effect


Embrace the Nature and UHANS A6


A Monologue of the Craftsman: UHANS U300 Official Promo


Dump the duplications and be unique: UHANS U300

Mysterious smartphone tougher than Nokia 3310?


UHANS A101 Hands-on: Real Tribute


UHANS A101 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Display Comparison


Big and Graceful A6 Unboxing and First Impression


Самый дешевый смартфон на канале. Uhans A101s обзор, отзыв.


UHANS U300 - Действительно кожаный? ЧЕСТНЫЙ ОБЗОР. ВСЕ ПЛЮСЫ И МИНУСЫ! Отзыв пользователя!



Uhans A101S, el teléfono ANDROID más económico